Why Your Shortcut is Actually a Trap

Does your marketing plan involve getting someone famous to tweet out your project?

Do you think “Hey if I could just get this guy/gal who has 30 million subscribers to talk about me I’d be rich and famous and eat expensive ketchup on artisan french fries every night?”

Everyone has these thoughts, but it’s important to realize that you’re building an audience, and that may or may not include someone else’s audience and the people in it. When you’re small you need to communicate at the ground level, not yell at the mountains.

You might think a simple contact is the easiest way, and that might be true, but it going “viral” is still such a rare occurrence that it’s really not worth thinking about it and certainly not making it part of the plan. While you’re taking shortcuts and waiting for the latest youtuber to read through the 1000’s of emails begging for their attention and pick you out of those, there is someone out there who is walking all the trails possible, talking to people, sharing things, getting feedback. You can’t build a community that supports you long term on other people’s ability to garner attention.

It may only take a second to email someone, but this can actually be a trap, as instead of focusing on showing a lot of people things, you are planning to be bailed out by someone who has spent many, many, years cultivating an audience in all reality because you think they will make you an overnight success. You have decided your project will fail without “Star power” and that’s never a good sign.

Myself and other character creators tend to work very hard and put content out near daily. If you do this on your own, not only will you gain an audience, other creators will respect you more for your effort and might be more likely to share your stuff on their own!

So make no strings attached connections with people, be friendly, and expect to have to brave the first hills on your own to prove your grit. Share what you’re working on frequently, and always be looking for ways to improve!

( ・ω・)ノ


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